A Collaboration Seminar with Humanities College of Monash University





On June 21, 2018, Mr. Lance Zheng (CEO of Allearn Education), Ms. Yolanda Sun (Manager of Overseas Resources & Project Department), and Ms. Nancy Zhang (Project Manager) visited the Humanities College of Monash University at the invitation of Professor Sharon Pickering (Dean of Humanities College of Monash University) and attended a specific seminar to discuss the collaborative possibilities.

In the company of Professor Pickering and Associate Professor Mia Lindgren (Director of Media, Film and Journalism at the School of Humanities), Allearn Education visited the Monash Media Lab, which provides studios, news production centres, and editorial rooms to support professional practice for media students. The lab, which is equipped with various digital systems such as digital video recording, collecting, editing and broadcasting systems, provides cameras, editing machines and non-linear editors to help realising the practical teaching method and cultivating the creative and applied media talents.

In the seminar, the two sides had a deep discussion on the Monash’s GIG program. Global Immersion Guarantee (GIG) program is a ground-breaking study experience including a funded overseas experience for all first year Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Global Studies and related double degree students in Monash University. Allearn Education, as a professional overseas education consulting firm, shared the updated information of internationalization of Chinese higher education and provided considerate suggestions on the demand of study-abroad market in Asia. The discussion tried to work on building a platform for educational communication and collaboration among media field at the Universities’ level to promote the globalization of tertiary education and to enhance the core competitiveness of students in the field of communication and media studies.

Meanwhile, the two sides exchanged opinions on improving the international curriculum cooperation and cultural exchange programs among communication universities, and had an agreement on the establishment of "short-term overseas training program of Huace Film Academy".

The Humanities College of Monash University owns the most advanced media lab among Australian universities. Its research emphases on media and cultural economy field, and possesses world-class research projects, including UNESCO cultural and economic research, Big Data and U-City Research, and Cultural and Economic Research of China and Asia-Pacific Region. Its major of Communication and Media Studies is ranked at the position of 19 in the “QS World University Rankings by Subject 2014” and as top 1 in Australian universities.










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