Collaboration with Swinburne University of Technology



On June 28, 2018, Mr. Lance Zheng (CEO of Allearn Education), Ms. Yolanda Sun (Manager of Overseas Business Development and Project Management) and Ms. Nancy Zhang (Project Manager) visited Swinburne University of Technology (Swinburne) to held talks on international education collaboration.


On behalf of the University, Ms. Vi Peterson (member of the Board of Trustees of Swinburne), Professor Sivanes Phillipson (Deputy Dean of School of Health Arts and Design), Dr Steven Murdoch (Deputy Director of the Department of Film and Animation) and Mr. Augustine (Gus) Tham (Deputy Director of International Development) set up a warm and professional meeting to communicate with the topics of common interest.

Swinburne has cutting-edge film and television production equipment, including green screen studios, hand-painted and writing screens, high-end cameras, special effects rendering computers and high-tech workstations. Industry-oriented courses which combine strong theoretical foundations with a hands-on focus make the University to win awards every year in film festivals which mainly focus on student participants around the world.

Dr Murdoch provided detailed introductions on curriculum design, teaching orientation and featured courses in film and media in Swinburne, especially on the interdisciplinary methodology of Film and Animation Department. It contributes to help students grab the full comprehension of basic knowledges which cover from animated characters design and production to story writing and production management. It will give students the opportunities to understand the strengths of different subjects and to explore the potentials and real interest. Swinburne provides the state-of-the-art animation production studios for students who study in film and television, games and digital media, digital advertising technology, with the aim at teaching students to use high-end cameras and 3D animation technology in order to bring the film industry into classrooms.

On behalf of Swinburne University of Technology, Ms. Peterson also expressed the intention to cooperate in running schools with possible Chinese universities, and authorised Allearn Education to develop the potential education resources in China.




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