Cooperation with Swinburne University


On June 28, 2018, Mr. Zheng Xi, CEO of Allearn International Education, Ms. Sun Xiaoyin, Manager of Overseas Business Development and Project Management, and Ms. Zhang Nan, Project Manager, were invited by Swinburne University AllearnUniversity of Science and Technology to meet with Ms. Vi Peterson, member of the Board of Trustees of Swinburne University University of Science and Technology and Ms. Sivanes Phillipson, Deputy Dean of School of Health Arts and Design. Mr. Steven Murdoch, Deputy Director of the Department of Film and Animation, School of Health Art and Design, and Mr. Augustine (Gus) Tham, Deputy Director of International Development, held talks on international educational cooperation.

Mr. Steven Murdoch introduced in detail the curriculum design, teaching orientation and advantages of Sweet University of Science and Technology in the field of media, Sweet University of Science and Technology Film and Animation Department of interdisciplinary teaching methods to ensure that students have a comprehensive basic knowledge: from character animation design to character animation production, from production management to narrative structure. At the same time, give students the opportunity to understand the advantages of various disciplines, to explore the expertise and ability of students. Switzerland University of Science and Technology provides the most advanced animation studios for students majoring in film and television, game and interactive, digital advertising technology. It guides students to use high-end cameras and 3D animation technology to bring the film industry into the classroom.


The school has sophisticated film and television production equipment, including specially built green screen studios, pen-sensitive digital screens, high-end cameras, special effects rendering computers and high-tech workstations. Work-oriented teaching methods, unique production culture and first-class professional equipment make Swinburne University University of Science and Technology (SWUT) award awards every year to organize students to participate in film festivals around the world.

During the symposium, the two sides talked about the opening ceremony of the "China-Australia Chinese Medicine Center" at Swinburne University University of Science and Technology in Melbourne, Australia. Mr. Sivanes Phillipson affirmed the achievements of the development of Chinese medicine in Australia and expressed confidence in the cooperation between the two countries in this field. The School of Health Art and Design will cooperate with Allearn International Education in the exchange and training of traditional Chinese medicine in the two countries to contribute to the health of the people of the two countries.

Finally, Ms. Vi Peterson expressed her intention to jointly run Swinburne University University of Science and Technology and Chinese universities, and entrusted Allearn International Education with docking China's educational resources.

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