Allearn Education hosted a delegation of art teachers in primary and secondary schools from Melbourne in Australia.

In the golden autumn, the Asian Education Foundation (AEF) and the Confucius Institute of the University of Melbourne organized a delegation of art teachers from primary and secondary schools in Melbourne, Australia, to visit China for short-term art studies.

The delegation has 11 members and is led by the head of Huawen Xu, Confucius Institute of Melbourne University. As a partner of the Asian Education Foundation and the Confucius Institute of Melbourne University in China, Allearn International Education Hangzhou Branch accompanied the delegation to Hangzhou, the ancient city of the millennium in China, to experience the education and inheritance of Chinese traditional classical and modern art.

On the morning of September 28th, the delegation arrived at the first stop in Hangzhou, the Xiling Seal society. Xiling Printing Society was founded in 1904 and has a history of 113 years. Wu Changshuo was the first president of Xiling Printing Society. He has the reputation of "the first society in the world". He is the longest-standing and most influential literati Art Association in China. He is also the representative organization of the inheritance of the United Nations intangible cultural heritage project "Chinese seal carving art".

Many of the art teachers in the Australian delegation were first exposed to the traditional Chinese seal carving art and the exquisite and elegant landscape of Xiling Seal Society, which combined the humanistic interest and landscape. They were deeply impressed and admired. They hoped that there would be more opportunities for more western art teachers in the future. In depth understanding and learning of traditional Chinese art.





Along the way, the delegation also visited Huang Binhong Art Museum in Gushan Museum of Zhejiang Museum, another famous cultural and artistic landmark in Hangzhou. The Art Museum has a large collection of Mr. Huang Binhong's paintings. It is the best place to study and appreciate Mr. Huang Binhong's paintings. Each of the works in the museum gives the Australian artists an air of wonder.

In the afternoon, Allearn International Education accompanied the delegation to the Academy of Fine Arts of Hangzhou Normal University, located in the West Lake scenic spot of Yuhuangshan Road. Professor Hu Jun, Dean of the Department of Fine Arts and Deputy Director of the International Exchange Office, warmly welcomed guests from afar and showed them around the beautiful campus.



The school also arranged delegations to go deep into the students'classes, listened to the watercolor lectures and micro-class demonstrations of Class 171 under the guidance of Professor Jin Dan of the Department of Fine Arts Education, appreciated the watercolor class creations of the students at Grade 17, and exchanged warm water-color learning methods with the teachers and students.



Subsequently, the Australian delegation held a small symposium with Professor Hu Jun, Director of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Hangzhou Normal University, and other Chinese art scholars on the status quo and development of art education courses in China and Australia. Mr. Huang Xiaoxia, Mr. Qian Jiangyan, Mr. Gong Qinyin and postgraduates from the Department of Aesthetic Education, Mr. Li Fang, a Hangzhou art researcher, and two key art teachers from primary and secondary schools also participated in the meeting.



Samantha Horstman, head of the Art and Technology Section at Collinwood College in Melbourne, gave a detailed introduction to the teaching philosophy and curriculum features of Australian art education.

The teaching mode of Australian art courses is mainly explorative learning. This is an active way of learning, guiding students to face questions, difficult disputes and simulated situations, through research and learning to acquire knowledge and thinking ability.

Professor Hu Jun gave a comprehensive and detailed introduction to the current art education curriculum offered by the Academy of Fine Arts of Hangzhou Normal University and the direction of students'study, research and employment. Communication and discussion.

The Australian delegation expressed its gratitude to Allearn International Education for its arrangement in Hangzhou, and expressed the hope that more cooperation with Allearn International Education would become a bridge for educational exchanges between China and Australia. China's Hangzhou Normal University also highly praised the exchange, saying that the arrival of the Australian art teachers'delegation has helped promote a new understanding of the art education curriculum and concepts of the two countries. It is a valuable opportunity for teachers and students majoring in art education in China and Australia.

he Australian delegation also made a special video to commemorate the wonderful training trip.

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