Allearn Education: To take a ride beside me – 2019 Melbourne’s Annual Appreciation Party



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Allearn Education held its Annual Party on November 14 in Melbourne’s Park Hyatt to deliver the deepest appreciation to every cooperation partner who gives sustained support and encouragement to the development of the company.


It was a luxury sunny day after almost a week of raining. All the 40 guests, who enjoyed their buffet lunch in the cozy garden outside the Trilogy conference room, agreed that it was a precious lucky day in this year’s dank late spring.


Allearn arranged a series of activities to present the outcomes of all departments to help the guests understand better about what Allearn has done and what Allearn plans to do.


In the Opening Video, which includes the feedbacks of Chinese students joining in “Micro Study Abroad” program, the experiences of Australian students attending Allearn’s study tour to China, the practical teaching from Bilingual Early Childhood Education (BECE) Department in a local childcare, and the practical filmmaking of Chinese filmmaking students, all demonstrated the authentic feelings and experiences from students who attended our various short/long-term programs. These featured clips helped to deliver their real emotions and feedbacks which have touched people in every way.




We don’t make stories. We want to work as a professionally educational bridge to help sharing all the vivid stories with people who involve in this process of cross-cultural communication and education.


“Do you like Australia?”, ” Do you like going to school here?”, “Do you like to go abroad and experience different cultures?”, these three questions for students who attended our “Micro Study Abroad Program” received almost 100% of “Yes”.


The diversified and encouraging teaching methodologies, the opportunities of learning one more foreign language and novel sports, the good chances to making new friends from different cultural backgrounds all have been nominated as the main reasons for why they enjoyed studying in Australian local schools.


Not only the young age students, but also the students from tertiary education addressed that they benefited from the specific study tour which was designed by Allearn.




Allearn appreciates all the trust the clients and the cooperation partners put on us. And we would love to express our thanks and best wishes as well. We chose Chinese knots and red roses in our “lucky draw” part and “greeting” part to present this gratitude. Chinese knot is a typical form of folk art which has long history in China. It symbolises harmony, good luck, and auspiciousness. We invited the guest who won a Chinese knot to help us to pick up the next lucky ball and to pass the new Chinese knot and all the luck to the next lucky person.


Apart from the traditional party contents, the BECE department and Overseas Business Development department provided guests with tailored prized events to help them to have better understanding about the progress of Bilingual research and the knowledge of contemporary China.




The ring toss game, which was prepared by the BECE department, provided the winners a short notice with their prizes to demonstrate the correlation between the prizes and their original bilingual education materials. It attracted more than 50% of guests to have a try with the curiosity about how to deeply understand children.




The success of this year’s event relies on the cooperation and effort of Allearn Melbourne and Allearn China teams. One of our guests said that though your team is not a family, you share the very close links between each other which looks like a family. Allearn family appreciates this kind understanding from the aspect of a friend rather than a business partner.


Please take a ride beside me on this challenging but meaningful path.


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