Allearn Education: 2019 “Micro Study Abroad” Themed Salon—Shenzhen

Allearn Education Shenzhen Branch held its 2019 “Micro Study Abroad” themed salon on December 1 to share the stories of 2019 Micro Study Aboard program with more than 50 guests. Around 25 families attended the half-day activities to share their fancy stories, challenges and achievements from their Micro Study Abroad experiences in Melbourne this year.


It was a typical sunny winter afternoon of a southern China’s city. We shared not only the happy memories of 2019 Micro Study Abroad program, but also the growth and harvest of the students who attended the program.


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Micro Study Abroad program, which is designed for certain Chinese families linking to K12 public/private Australian schools allows parents to accompany their children living together during the study period (essentially 2-8 weeks).


This program aims to help these students living in an authentic Australian daily life and a local learning environment. According to statistics, the difficulty in using of precise language and the cultural shock with varying degrees remains as main reason of maladaptation for students who study abroad without preliminary preparations. The Micro Study Abroad service would be helpful for the students to immerse in deep study abroad experience in advance, to quickly improve language skills and build up confidence, and to collect useful information for smooth long-term studies.


On the other hand, the program provides chances for Australian local children to connect with the different culture at early age to comprehend the context of this multi-cultural world.




In the themed salon, some children talked about their growth from the several weeks’ learning experience overseas, including independence, English speaking and communication with people who are under different cultural backgrounds. Some parents expressed the process of psychological changes including the worries before leaving, the new understanding of the meaning of education, the importance of real “parent-children time” within the families.


Though it has been almost months away from their overseas short-term studies, all the guests delivered their fresh and detailed memories with gratitude and excitement. The daily learning life in local schools provided them the authentic living experiences as same as what local students have.





We invited six key speakers to share their vivid experiences in this year’s Micro Study Abroad program. One of the speakers, Claire, a ten-year-old girl, who chose this program twice. According to her Mum, she was usually introverted and shy to give a public speech. But she’s turned to be a bit outgoing after her participation in the Micro Abroad Study program. The topic of her presentation was “Be the perfect version of yourself”. She told us about the free lifestyle and creative and encouraging learning environment of Australia, “It’s really going to help me to understand the dynamic development of the world better.” When it came to the wonderful part, she couldn't help laughing. Apart from presenting as a key speaker on-site, she was the host of the event that her mother thought it was uncreditable.



Another speaker, who was an very anxious mother about her child’s learning condition, has been released by receiving the message from her daughter, “Mom, next time I would go to this Micro Study Abroad program again, and do go to this school”. The smaller class size, the more diverse teaching method in Australian education system provides students with an environment full of passion and motivation to explore more potentialities of learning.




Apart from the “experiences’ sharing”, the themed salon offered all the children on site to have the opportunities to change a piece of book with “book-change messenger” who had been selected by random.  




Though a Chinese saying goes: "It is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books”, Allearn Education would like to be the bridge to help children to learn from both the books and travelling.




As we believed, children would benefit from stronger disciplines and resilience from Eastern education while they would enjoy more development of creative thinking and leadership in the scale of Western education. The Micro Study Abroad program is honoured to provide a different learning path for children who desire to explore this information-rich world by themselves at the young age.  


By | Tita

Editor | Kimmy


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