2019 ACM Workshop: Film & Television Learning Journey in Australia—Huace Film Academy

On 22 June to 5 July, a group of selected students from Huace Film Academy of Communication University of Zhejiang (CUZ) attended the 2019 Asian Cultural Microscope (ACM) Film and Television Workshop which organised by Allearn Education in Melbourne to experience the characteristics of strong bonds with industry in Australian tertiary education. The ACM Workshop aims to help the deep understanding of Asian cultures for Australian students whose majors are Asian Study, especially in film and television field; and to promote the cross-cultural communication under the film and media context for Asian students.




Allearn Education cooperates with Swinburne University of Technology (Swinburne), JMC College, Huace Film Academy of Communication University of Zhejiang (CUZ) and Zhejiang Huace Advanced Academy of Film and Television to establish the Australian ACM Film and Television Workshop and set up an "ACM Award", with the aim of assisting students of higher education and professionals in the media field to connect to the international advanced experience from industry. It will strengthen the high-class impacts of training from relative industries.

The students visited Swinburne and JMC College to attend the designed lectures and workshops respectively to learn how to produce a professional documentary (short subject) and how to use the cutting-edge technics to help expressing personal perspectives both logically and emotionally during the period of two-week tour.






Apart from studying in the academic field, the students had the chance to meet with local masters of film art field in their studios to share a subtle discussion about the difference between current Australian and Chinese current film industry.




With the guidance of lecturers, Huace students travelled around Melbourne to collect stunning records of local life for making their own documentaries (short subject) in the theme of “ACM Journey”. All the works would have been reviewed by ACM Committee members who possess with abundant experience and achievements in film and television industry, and some outstanding documentaries would have received “ACM Award” for encouraging the improvement of students’ imagination and practical skills. The ACM Committee members are mainly selected form Swinburne University of Technology, JMC College and Playking Productions. The students who received the award could expect the internship opportunities from Zhejiang Huace Film & Television Co. Ltd.

All the Huace students have expressed the excitement and self-development during the learning tour. Lecturers from universities and colleges also described the workshop as the instant and interesting cross-cultural commutation which leads to the cultural empathy in the context of film and media.


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