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Job description:


Job request:


Department Position name

Job description:

Responsible for the appointment and reception of visitors by the General Manager, can identify the urgency of other business activities for the General Manager, and cooperate closely with the General Manager's Office Co ordinations / information making, translation, etc.Responsible for drafting, printing, registering and archiving of documents issued by some general managers.Master general manager's schedule, remind event time conflict Deal with general manager's travel affairs, such as itinerary, hotel reservation, document preparation, business card, etc.Responsible for general manager's various expenses collation and reimbursement.Responsible for handling other tasks assigned by the general manager.Have a certain understanding of music, preference for classical music is preferred.

Job request:

● 25-32 years old, bachelor degree or above.
● Excellent English, German, listening, speaking, reading and writing.More than 2 years experience in secretarial, assistant and administration.
● Rigorous, meticulous and patient with excellent communication skills and able to coordinate the work of various departments.
● Strong office management and good command of written and spoken language.Proficient in using office software

Study Executive Consultant

Job description:

1. Provide professional consulting services for overseas students, assist them in completing materials collection, ensure that students get offers from ideal colleges and universities, and win satisfaction.

2. Actively cooperate with the company's high-end market activities held at home and abroad, predict market trends, tap potential customers, and do a good job in promoting the company's brand.

3. Keep up-to-date with customers and effectively solve difficult and complicated problems in work

Job request:

● Bachelor degree or above. Overseas study experience is preferred.

● Have a certain understanding of foreign universities (mainly Australian universities)

● Skillful use of office software, strong ability to collect information

● Basic English reading ability, experience in sales consultant is preferred

● Hardworking, honest, excellent communication skills and adaptability

Business representative

Job description:

1. Effectively implement company strategy and develop potential customers by telephone, visits, etc.

2. Quickly grasp the sales knowledge of the education industry, implement and complete the company's sales plan

3. Sedimentation of successful marketing model, replication and promotion within the team

4. Actively cooperate with the company's high-end market activities both at home and abroad, and do a good job in promoting the company's brand.

5. Cooperate with the Director of Commerce in daily customer maintenance, timely handling of problems and feedback

Job request:

● Bachelor degree or above, excellent fresh graduates or sales experience is preferred

● Have independent market development ability, good expression ability and communication skills

● Skillful use of office software, strong ability to collect information

● Strong sense of responsibility, good professional accomplishment, attention to details

● Hard-working, independent learning ability and stress-resistant ability