Overseas Study of Characteristic Specialty

The project aims to strengthen the cooperation between domestic institutions of higher learning and the professional departments of world-class universities, and to improve the professional level of teachers and students by selecting excellent teachers and students for short-term (2-12 weeks) professional study in famous Australian universities. Majors include: business, media, performing arts, health medicine, pedagogy, performance and art, covering social sciences, natural sciences, among the world's leading hot majors. 


Professional Course Learning in Famous Overseas Schools:
• Learning with Famous Professors with International Reputation
• Expanding Professional Courses in Depth and Width
• Strong academic atmosphere
• Warm discussion and free speculationIn-depth visits to enterprises matching their majors


Communication with senior professionals:
• Industry Associations and Enterprises Visiting Schools 
• Understanding the latest trends and industry prospects
• Grasp and Understand the Frontier Science and Technology of the Industry


Australian school life:
• Deep communication with international students Hot topic, special discussion
• The library has a very rich collection of books. 
• Interest Society, Competition Performance, BBQ 




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