Professional Training:Nursing care for the aged training

《Sino-Australian Joint College Old-age Nursing Course 》

Allearn Education introduces the most advanced Australian-style health course training mode and management mode to help train high-level health professionals, with the most advanced nursing concepts and skills, as well as high-quality nursing services, care and care for the elderly and the disabled in China. Together with China's institutions and organizations dedicated to the development of "health care, pension undertakings", we will work together to achieve mutually reinforcing cooperative relations. 

1The course originated in Melbourne, Australia. It explores and integrates the training and management resources of Australian nursing for the aged. Cooperate with many of Australia's top nursing institutions for the aged

1In-depth study of a full range of nursing knowledge, understanding of Western countries to improve the medical and nursing system

1To train and transport high-quality nursing talents for China, and to enhance the leadership and management skills of pension managers in pension training

1Providing professional nursing personnel transportation and services for nursing homes, aging communities and family pension groups 

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