Short-term Study Tours

According to the current development and demands of education field in China, Allearn Education connects with high-quality educational training resources in Australia to customise theme study-tour projects for schools and educational institutions, which are aiming to improve the quality of the study-tour experience, help students broaden their international visions, and inspire better understanding of micro study abroad packages. It lies the goal of implementation of the notion-- “Genuine education is always on the road”.




Current theme study-tour projects listed as below:


Science and technology Camp: Students will have the opportunities to visit the AI lab and discover the state-of-the-art technologies. They will also visit top Australian universities to learn about how some world-class science and technology achievements have been made, including the implementation of Google Street View, the separation and purification of penicillin, the invention of WIFI and cardiac pacemaker. The related researchers all are from top Australian universities which include The University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, and Australian National University. This tour is not only a process of exploring innovation history, but also a journey to pay tribute to science and technology.

AEAS training camp: The examiners of Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS) will visit training centres to provide professional instructions for our students who have the demands for overcoming the difficulties of AEAS tests. It will help the students confidently pursuing to study in their ideal elite middle schools.

Tennis training camp: The students will visit the Australian Open Championship Training Centre to immerse themselves in the Australian Open’s 100-year history, and will have the chance to meet and practice with the coaches of champions.

Outdoor training camp: The students will have a close encounter to Australian national treasure animals including koalas and kangaroos. This camp also provides various professional training courses including kayaking, rock climbing, archery, crafts and outdoor cooking for outdoor experience. Meanwhile, our students will be enchanted by the world’s most beautiful coastal highway--the Great Ocean Road during the camp tours.

To be Continued…

A study tour not only provides an immersive learning and playing environment for the participants, but also offers the opportunities for them to live in authentic Australian local life. The tours will help the students learn how to be independent and collect enough information about Micro Study Abroad Packages and Study Abroad Packages.


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