Bilingual Teaching System

Originated from Australia and inspired by frontier research in the field of early childhood education, Allearn early childhood education experts’ team has independently developed a bilingual education system for children aged 3-6 years old who aim to grasp both English and Chinese as native speakers. The bilingual system bases on curriculum frameworks, assessment standards and policy guidelines in Australia and China, such as Early Years Learning Framework, Australian Curriculum and Guidelines to the Learning and Development of Children Aged 3-6, to meet the learning and development needs of these children.





The system has five major courses and five special courses (known as 5S) which focus on improving children’s capabilities in domains of language cognitions, science inquiry, social and emotional skills, arts and culture perceptions through engaging and meaningful learning experiences.


5 major courses: Mandarin Expert, English Talent, Science Explorer, Big Artist, Sports Champion

5S courses: Social and Emotional Learning, Sustainability Classroom, STEM Carnival, Sharing Traditional Culture, School-Prep

Allearn Bilingual Education System includes:

Bilingual Lesson Plans

Bilingual Teaching

Bilingual Teachers

Bilingual Activities

Bilingual Evaluation


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