Allearn Education


Allearn Education

Established in October 2012 in Melbourne, upholding the core value of “Professionalism,
Innovation, Respect and Integrity”, Allearn Education focuses on the consultation, development, and management in the international education field, with developing an international market demand for Sino-Australian educational collaboration, creating original bilingual early childhood education system under multicultural background, and some other designed educational projects as well.

Apart from Melbourne’s headquarter, in 2014 Allearn set up other two offices in Hangzhou and Shenzhen, China, respectively. All the offices are in the hubs of these prosperous metropolitans which lead to convenience and efficiency of integration of advanced resources.

From 2016-2017 it continued to create an ecological chain system to support the study-abroad-in-Australia demands for children and young adults in China: from Study Tours to short-term Micro Study Abroad (basically to primary and secondary schools) and then to the long-term Youth Overseas Study and Tertiary Education. And it has been appointed by Department of Education and Training, Victoria, as an accredited education agent of recruiting international students for the International Student Program in Victorian Government Schools in 2017.

The heart of the Study Abroad services system—Micro Study Abroad service, which is designed for certain Chinese families linking to K12 public/private Australian schools, presents the huge potential in the current market. This project allows parents to accompany their children living together during the study period (essentially 2-8 weeks) to be involved in authentic Australian daily life and a local learning environment. It would be helpful for the families to immerse in deep study abroad experience in advance, to quickly improve language skills and build up confidence, and to collect useful information for long-term studies.

In 2018 the company initiated a remarkable English-Chinese Bilingual Early Childhood Education System which was based on both Australian and Chinese preschool education concepts and frameworks, to create a strategic loop with the core value of balance, containing innovative bilingual teaching materials (English and Chinese), full support of building environment-friendly bilingual kindergartens, precise recruitment and training of early childhood educators, and guidance of involvement of parenting, for children of all kindergarten ages and their educators and parents.

With the role of both learners and resources providers, Allearn people share the feeling of intermittent struggle in the process of bilingual learning. Hence we get down to earth to pay the most attention on research on how to reach the flow of learning two totally different languages. The curriculum which we are developing now is based on the understanding of the intrinsically logical and expressive difference of two languages, with the aim of helping targeted students to grasp two languages as native speakers, as well as at further study with outstanding scholars.

Meanwhile, Allearn Education not only helps individuals with their academic pursuit, but also desires to enrich leading-edge educational experiences and possibilities for educators and parents to have deeper and boarder interactions under the global context. It organises an International Education Forum as an annual summit and some other educational projects, to deliver valuable insights into the latest developments in cross-cultural education for participating organisations, as well as to present practical opportunities for institutions, scholars and educators to promote mutual learning and exchange teaching experience.

Overall, Allearn Education has achieved many accomplishments by means of three main business lines: a strategic loop system of English-Chinese bilingual early childhood education, an ecological chain system of study abroad services and an open-minded platform for communications in the education field.

Since its establishment, it has maintained close collaboration with 37 Australian education institutions and signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with seven of them. The study abroad consultants have helped more than 1,000 students to realise their further learning dreams during a period of five years. The innovative Micro Study Abroad service currently has attracted more than 100 Chinese families to be involved in an authentic Australian daily life and local learning environment. And around 10 percent of these families have chosen the long-term study abroad plans with the assistance of Allearn. The education forum and “Shadow Principals” project have assisted in building bridges between schools of both sides, with the result in achievement of five pairs of Sister Schools (with five schools on each side, a total of ten schools). The research team of Early Childhood Education has initiated a “5+5S” system as the core of teaching materials to express the notion which covers contents of knowledge-learning, imagination- cultivation and physical-education-strengthening, to help children boost their well-being positively with the precise usage of English and Chinese.

We hope we can be a stable bridge to link Sino-Australian education field to discover possibilities of bright future for generations. Thank you.